Selling your surplus power

Any energy that your system produces will first be used within your own property and this will have the effect of reducing your electricity bill by the full amount of the energy saved. National average price for electricity is around 14p/kWh (unit). Any surplus power, e.g. on sunny days, or when you are not using much power yourself, can be sold back to your electricity provider (usually 4.6p for every unit you produce).

Some energy suppliers will agree to buy back your exported electricity for the same tariff as you currently import any electricity you require. You are advised to shop around the different energy suppliers to find out the best deal for you. Please note you are not legally obliged to have one agreement with the same energy supplier for your import and export electricity needs, but in practice this may not be practicable. You should also enquire about changing your electricity meter for a meter that measures both import and export of electricity (smart meter) with your energy supplier.

Listed below are power companies that may purchase the energy you generate from your PV system for a better rate than your current supplier.

Company name Website Contact Email Phone
EDF Energy Green Energy Team 0800 0511905
Green Energy Claire Adam 01920 486156
Ecotricity Gary Freedman 01453 769333
Good Energy Rebecca Brown 0845 456 1640
CE Electrics UK Gary Mitchell   0845 702702
Tradelink Solutions Penelope Christophorou 01923 713840
Npower Sue Warman 01905 340646

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All Projects are calculated on an individual basis, so you will get a projected performance calculation for your site, giving you a detailed accurate understanding of how much energy/saving a system will provide for you.

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