Solar PV

PV installation diagram PV Panels convert sunlight into electrical energy which you can use and sell back to your energy provider. A domestic PV system could save more than 1200Kg of CO2 per year. When you chose a PV system that is installed by G.R. Edwardes Ltd, you will be paid for every unit you produce regardless of whether you use it or not. You will also benefit from selling any surplus power to the national grid and reduce your electricity bill by producing and using your own energy.

You could receive up to 4 payments a year from your energy provider! PV modules can be installed on your roof or in your garden, but require an area with no shadow to work to full capacity. If you're having a new roof, PV tiles can even form part of the roof, saving you money on other roof materials, which is ideal for renovations or new builds.

How it works:

Solar PV Diagram Photo Voltaic panels convert "Photons" (light) into electrical energy (Volts). You can become self sufficient and run your home from P.V alone, using batteries or the more common installation in the UK is the "grid tied" system. The grid tied PV System converts light into electrical energy and feeds electricity into your existing electrical installation (as shown simply above:- 1 Sunlight, 2 PV Array, 3 DC isolator, 4 Inverter, 5 Export Meter).

A typical installation is 2 to 3 days and will incur minimal disruption. From there on you can enjoy free energy from the sun to power your home and sell back to the grid. Solar installations are low maintenance, usually every 5-10 years. To test the performance of your system, check the wiring and advise if there are any new issues with shading just to show you how your system is producing and check the panels are clean and shadow free and working at the correct efficiency. Most panels are guaranteed for between 10 and 15 years at 90% efficiency and 25 years at 80% efficiency.

PV modules can be mounted in the garden or on top of your roof, on either an 'A' frame or attached to your roof structure panels protrude less than 200mm so planning consent is not needed in most cases. PV modules can also integrate flush with your roof structure or be installed as PV glass to form part of a conservatory or facade for optimum looks and save money on roof material if you are building from scratch or need a new roof.

What we do

At G.R. Edwardes we will come to site and discuss your requirements with you, we will take measurements and explain the different advantages of our systems for your individual site. We will then provide you with a written quotation, specification and energy yield calculation for your site. This is all carried out free with no obligation and carried out by our own professional and skilled team.

To see how much a PV system could save you, check out our energy savings calculator.


icon electricity With our energy saving renewable solutions you are not only using a renewable energy source, saving money on your electricity bills but you also have the chance to sell any excess power generated back to your electric company.

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For any energy advice or information on renewable energy systems feel free to call for free, no obligation advice and quotations.
G.R. Edwardes Ltd are looking for customers in certain areas to build a catalogue of installations for advertising and maybe even show houses, big incentives are offered which will greatly reduce the return period for your investment.

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