Energy Efficiency

Low Energy Lamps

Low energy lighting is becoming the norm as inefficient bulbs are phased out. Energy efficient lighting technology is developing quickly and a range of products are now available to choose from.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation is a term given to the systematic controlled reduction in the voltages received by an energy consumer to reduce energy use, power demand and reactive power demand. While some voltage 'optimisation' devices have a fixed voltage adjustment, others electronically regulate the voltage automatically. Voltage optimisation systems are typically installed in series with the mains electrical supply to a building, allowing all its electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised supply.

Solar iBoost

Solar iBoost uses the energy you are generating from your PV array that you are not otherwise using in the home to heat the water in your tank.
You only need to have a hot water tank with an immersion in your home for you to use Solar iBoost and get even more savings from your investment in PV. In summertime you may get a full tank of hot water (if you are out a lot in the daytime or have a large PV array and low energy usage). In winter, Solar iBoost will use excess PV energy generation to preheat your water so you will still be saving throughout the year.

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